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Access your favorite 3D software from home

Access your favorite 3D software from home

At the moment we are going through difficult and certainly challenging times because of the coronavirus COVID-19. Because everyone's health has first priority, we are advised to work at home as much as possible. Therefore it would be useful if all the software you are used to working with at the office, feels as familiar at home. We would like to help you with this and indicate what is possible with our different titles and license types.

Working from home with our software

Remote Desktop / VPN are of course the first solutions to remotely take over your work computer, but this is not always blissful (think of lag / response, etc.). Therefore you could use a separate workflow per application and license type.

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SketchUp Pro

SketchUp Pro has different types to activate the software: Subscription, Classic and Networked.

With a Subscription you / your ICT administrator has access to the so-called Account Management Portal. Here you can remotely deauthorize devices, allowing you to login to your Subscription with your Trimble ID at home.

With a Classic license - the old-fashioned standalone license - it works slightly different. Here it is recommended to remove the license from the work computer first (Help > License > Remove License on Windows / SketchUp > License > Remove License on macOS). This will release an activation on your license and allow you to enter the license at home without any problems.

With a Networked license, it's a little different. It is best to contact your ICT administrator. He / she can provide you with the activation codes, so that you can temporarily authorize your home computer.

Do you work together in a team (but also alone) on projects? Work in the Cloud! With Trimble Connect, you can upload unlimited project data in the Cloud and collaborate on projects with your team! It not only supports SketchUp, but also Revit, AutoCAD, PDF, Word, .... You can create teams and assign tasks. You can keep track of revisions of your designs so you are always working with the latest version! And the best is: Trimble Connect Business is included in a SketchUp Subscription.



Rhino has a very simple solution to work from home, which is the Cloud Zoo. It allows you to store your Rhino license in the Cloud and start up Rhino anywhere you want. You can read how to transfer your Rhino license to the Cloud Zoo here.


Altair Inspire Suite

All titles in the Altair Inspire Suite can be launched with solidThinking Units. These are linked to an account in the Cloud, so you can also log in and use the software at home. Make sure you take your login credentials with you at home. Otherwise, ask your ICT administrator. Go to https://login.solidthinking.com.



With V-Ray, the licensing works in the Cloud. With the Online License Server (in your browser: http://localhost:30304/) you can also log in at home and use your V-Ray activations there! So make sure you have the login details at hand at home as well. Otherwise, ask your ICT administrator.


Thea Render

Nowadays, Thea Render also works through an online portal. This allows you to log in at home, so it is advisable to have this information ready / to ask your ICT administrator.



Enscape has both Fixed Seats and Floating licenses. If you wish to use a Fixed Seat license on your home computer, you must deactivate the license on your work computer first. How you can do this, can be read in detail here.

If you are using a Floating variant, then the number of simultaneously active computers is equal to the number of seats you have. The floating license works via an external Enscape server, so you can also work from home with your floating license. If you have the license code at hand, you can enter it at home. Otherwise, ask your ICT administrator.



KeyShot has two types of licenses: node locked and floating. Node locked is linked to 1 computer, so you have to deactivate the license on your work computer first

The floating variant works more complicated. If your company does not use virtual servers, then connecting to your work via VPN is the only option. This is because KeyShot's license server is always installed on a physical computer within the work environment. So ask your IT administrator for assistance.



An Artlantis license always has a node locked activation, so you first have to deactivate it on your work computer before you can activate it on your home computer. In this article we describe exactly how this works.



The latest version of Twinmotion, version 2020, always runs from the Epic Games Launcher. This is linked to your Epic Games account, so you can just log in! Make sure you have the login details at hand. If not, ask your ICT administrator.


SU Podium

SU Podium only works with node locked activations of licenses. You need to deactivate at your work first, before activating at home. This is simply done via the SketchUp menu Extensions > SU Podium V2.6 Plus > License…. Then click 'deactivate'.



RenderIN is node locked. So you need to deactivate at the office first, before you can start working at home. You can read how to deactivate here.


Good luck during the coming weeks!

We wish you a lot of success in the coming period and above all: stay healthy! If you have any (additional) questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact us via +31 344 577 884 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Take good care of yourself and your loved ones!


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