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Capture your creativity on the go!

SketchUp for iPad combines the convenience of manual drawing with the power of 3D. Users can sketch intuitively in 3D using the Apple Pencil and quickly create 3D shapes and configurable components using smart drawing tools.

SketchUp for iPad is included with a SketchUp Pro, Go and Studio Subscription.

SketchUp for iPad

SketchUp for iPad is the multifaceted solution for creating, editing, and viewing 3D models whether you're on a construction site, on the road, or in the office.

With support for the Apple Pencil, multi-touch gestures, mouse, and keyboard, you can harness the power of 3D in your preferred way. Draw, swipe and click quickly to realise your creative vision..


Your toolkit

Besides being a mobile modeling application, SketchUp for iPad is also your:

Digital Sketchpad

Draw your way: Create in 3D with the convenience of the Apple Pencil, mouse and keyboard, or multi-touch gestures. Whatever works best for you!

Cloud Collaborative Platform

Access your projects anywhere with iPad mobility; share your files via AirDrop, SMS, email or sync them to your favourite storage app.

Augmented Reality App

Experience your projects in the context of the real world with the powerful augmented reality capabilities of SketchUp for iPad.

The basics

SketchUp for iPad has all the basic modelling capabilities you need, with some old favorites you'll love, like

  • Entity Info;
  • Shadows;
  • Styles;
  • Materials;
  • Add Location;
  • Tags;
  • Scenes;
  • Image export;
  • Animation export;
  • Access to 3D Warehouse;
  • ...and much more!

This is the SketchUp you know and love, only on an iPad..


The key features

The full-featured interface includes robust, intuitive modelling capabilities designed specifically for iPad. SketchUp for iPad has the professional capabilities you need with the simplicity you prefer.

SketchUp for iPad

Auto Shape

Markup Mode

Augmented Reality - 1

Augmented Reality - 2

Photo Texture

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