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Take your designs to the next level with the 3D cloud tools in 3DEXPERIENCE Works.

3DEXPERIENCE Works is an online platform for product development. On the 3DEXPERIENCE platform you will find many 3D apps, developed by the team of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD.

You create 3D models there and all stakeholders can collaborate to create, manage, share and modify designs in real time.

Because everything runs in the Cloud, you optimize your product design process without the cost of expensive hardware. 3DEXPERIENCE Works is available anytime and on any device.

Start designing in the Cloud immediately.

Work in the Cloud

3DEXPERIENCE Works is a system that runs entirely in the cloud. This means easy access to the applications, without the hassle of installations and updates. Investing in expensive hardware is history, because all your data and designs are safely stored in the Cloud (although it is also possible to store files locally). Frequent backups ensure the safety of your designs.

Realtime Collaboration

Within the 3DEXPERIENCE Works, collaboration on a project or design is standard. It is even possible for multiple people to work on the same design simultaneously, with real-time changes and updates. Create teams and share tasks, easily share files and speed up your design process.

Seamless Exchange

The 3DEXPERIENCE Works platform offers a wide range of design tools for any application. Parametric modeling, assembly design, simulation, SubD modeling, photo-rendering, production drawing and sheet metal design: you do it all in the browser on the same platform. Change apps in 1 click to reshape your design.

Apps in the Suite

Within the 3DEXPERIENCE Works design suite, we offer several applications: xDesign, xShape, xStudio, xDrawings, xSheet Metal and xFrame

First look on SOLIDWORKS Cloud


All apps are available in one bundle: the SOLIDWORKS Cloud Offer. Purchase theSOLIDWORKS Cloud Offer today and get access to all the apps! You pay quarterly or annually, whichever suits you. This gives you flexibility in costs and features.

Educational pricing 3DEXPERIENCE

Educational Pricing

3DEXPERIENCE Works is available educationally at the following rates:

  • Extra Small - 10 Users - € 264,- excl. VAT per year
  • Small - 30 Users - € 420,- excl. VAT per year
  • Medium - 100 Users - € 888,- excl. VAT per year
  • Large - 300 Users - € 1.680,- excl. VAT per year
  • Extra Large - 900 Users - € 2.844,- excl. VAT per year

Thank you for your interest in 3DEXPERIENCE Works

Request your trial or quote for 3DEXPERIENCE Works here! You will then receive a message from us within a few business days.

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