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High-end, complete render solution for Autodesk Revit. If you choose quality, you choose V-Ray! V-Ray for Revit is built for architects who want to create great design renders without the learning curve. V-Ray for Revit uses the same interface as other version 3.x versions of V-Ray, so you could make consistent renders during your complete 3D workflow.



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V-Ray for Revit lets you render professional, high resolution images with realistic lights, materials, and cameras.


V-Ray for Revit is built to handle your biggest building models.


V-Ray is fast. Render quickly with a real time preview and make design decisions faster.


V-Ray for Revit is made for designers. It’s fast to set up, with no complicated settings.

Smart Integration

V-Ray for Revit works right in Revit. No import or export needed.

Industry Standard

92 Of the top 100 architecture firms in the world render with V-Ray every day.


V-Ray for Revit is equipped with the following functionalities to offer you the highest level of rendering.

Complete Feature List
  • Design-Friendly Interface
    Quickly balance quality and speed with V-Ray for Revit’s render presets. Work in draft mode for early iterations and switch to high quality for presentations.
  • Interactive Rendering
    Render interactively while you design. Fine-tune lights and materials and see the results right away in the real time preview.
  • Physically-Based Lighting
    Accurate options for IES and HDR image-based lighting, as well as support for Revit Sun and Sky.
  • Real-World Cameras
    Simulate photographic cameras from Revit’s native camera views.
  • Physical Materials
    Automatically convert Revit materials to V-Ray’s physically-correct format. Fine-tune material properties using the V-Ray Material Editor.
  • Diagrammatic Materials
    Easily make scenes look diagrammatic or like a scale models with material presets such as basswood and foam core.
  • Section Boxes
    Render sections easily with full support for Revit's native section boxes.
  • Denoiser
    Automatically removes artifacts and noise, cutting render times with GPU-accelerated denoising.
  • Aerial Perspective
    Add realistic atmospheric depth with aerial perspective and environment fog.
  • V-Ray Frame Buffer
    Fine-tune your render’s color, exposure, and more directly in V-Ray’s frame buffer.
  • Virtual Reality
    Verify designs at 1:1 scale in popular VR headsets like Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.
  • V-Ray Swarm
    New web-based distributed rendering to speed up rendering by using the power of all available desktops and render nodes.
  • Export to V-Ray Standalone
    Export a ready-to-render scene from Revit to V-Ray Standalone.



System Requirements



  • Windows 7 to 10 - 64 Bit

System Requirements:

  • Intel i7 4-Core processor or higher
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Video card 2+ GB 100% OpenGL*
  • 3-button mouse with scroll function

Video card

* If you are looking for a new system or upgrade, please pay extra attention to the video card. We do recommend video cards with a nVidia Quadro or GTX chip. These cards support OpenGL very well and have qualitative drivers.


At this moment, there is no macOS version of V-Ray for Revit available



At this moment, there is no Linux version of V-Ray for Revit available



Commercial Licenses

V-Ray 3.0 for Revit

V-Ray 3.0 Render Node (1-4 seats)
V-Ray 3.0 Render Node (5-9 seats)
V-Ray 3.0 Render Node (10-19 seats)
V-Ray 3.0 Render Node (20-29 seats)
V-Ray 3.0 Render Node (30+ seats)

€ 500,- excl. VAT

€ 250,- excl. VAT
€ 200,- excl. VAT
€ 180,- excl. VAT
€ 170,- excl. VAT
€ 150,- excl. VAT

Rental Licenses
Educational Licenses
Activation Types


You can buy V-Ray for Revit through one of our dedicated resellers:

V-Ray for Revit History

New in V-Ray 3.7 for Revit (June 2018)
  • Fully interactive rendering - Now with support for live geometry changes, you can render your full scene while you design.
  • Revit 2019 support - Now compatible with Revit 2019 and its new Opaque, Transparent, Metal and Layered material types.
New in V-Ray 3.6 for Revit (February 2018)
New in V-Ray 3.5 for Revit (July 2017)


Video's, manuals, tutorials and more. Everything you need to get you started with V-Ray for Revit.


The newest V-Ray for Revit video tutorials to get you started.

Getting Started



Materials Editor


IES Lights


In case you have missed it - watch the recordings of the V-Ray for Revit webinars here:

V-Ray 3.6 for Revit

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