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Enscape™ is an easy-to-use real-time rendering & Virtual Reality Extension for SketchUp Pro, Rhinoceros, Revit and ArchiCAD. It offers the designer a quick way of 3D visualization, allowing quick design decisions to be made.

With Enscape™ you can lift your presentations - whether in-house or with a customer - to a higher level. The real-time rendering & Virtual Reality ensure faster iterations and a more efficient workflow. It is so easy to use that extra training is not really necessary.




With the real-time rendering technology from Enscape™ your project will impress from every angle, even at different daytimes. There is no need to carefully adjust your perspective before rendering, just start Enscape™ and fly to the spots you like. It’s fully dynamic and: A lot of fun! Enscape™ will make your life easier and delight your clients after seeing their project!

Virtual Reality

Give your customers the VR experience as if your architecture is already built: With Oculus Rift / HTC VIVE and Enscape™, a virtual walkthrough of your building is only one click away. Stop explaining your drawings – start amazing people with your ideas and offer them a virtual reality experience of their architectural project.


Enscape™ usually runs alongside Revit or SketchUp, mirroring all changes in your construction through real-time rendering. Additionally, you can export the Enscape™ walkthrough as a stand-alone executable file to distribute to your clients or colleagues. They can explore your work and even change the time of day.




System Requirements



  • Windows 7 to 10
  • SketchUp 2019 and later

System Requirements:

  • 2.4 GHz Processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 100% OpenGL Video Card 2+ GB*

Video Card

*We recommend cards with an Nvidia RTX chip. These cards support OpenGL very well and have good quality drivers. Radeon mobile GPUs and Intel onboard GPUs are not supported!


At this moment, there is no macOS version of Enscape™ available



At this moment, there is no Linux version of Enscape™ available




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Contact your reseller to purchase Enscape™.

All mentioned prices are per license / seat and ex. VAT!

Enscape™ - 1 Year - Standalone1
Enscape™ - 1 Year - Network 2
Enscape™ - 1 Month - Standalone 1

€ 459,- ex.VAT
€ 779,- ex.VAT
€ 69,- ex.VAT

1 A standalone (fixed-seat) license is limited to one machine. To transfer it, use the 'Remove' function in the 'General Settings' menu.

2 A floating license can be used on multiple machines, as long as the number of opened Enscape™ windows does not exceed the number of licenses. An internet connection is required, but no additional manager. If there is no internet connection while you try to open Enscape™, Enscape™ will start a 24 hour timeframe, counted on from the last successful validation. During this timeframe, you will be able to use Enscape™ as usual. If your computer still has no connection after 24 hours, or if your computer regains internet connection, but all of your seats are currently being used, Enscape™ will get watermarked.


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Enscape™ is sold in your region and supported by local resellers. Look for one on the map below for an overview of our resellers.


User cases, video's, manuals, tutorials and more. Everything you need to get you started with Enscape™.

Enscape Content Hub

The place to be for Enscape tips, stories and more!

Get inspired with the Enscape Content Hub. The Enscape Content Hub is the place to stay up to date on upcoming live webinars, on-demand webinars, blog posts, success stories and more.



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