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How can I activate and deactivate my Artlantis license?

To activate or deactivate your Artlantis license, you have to reach some simple conditions:
  • Be sure that QuickTime is installed on your machine, otherwise Artlantis won't work
  • You must be logged in with 'Administrator Rights'
  • Prevent that anti-virus programs and firewalls will block the communication with the Artlantis server


Activating your Artlantis license is very simple according to this three-steps-plan:
  • Install Artlantis on your computer and run the application
  • Click on 'Activate License' and submit your license code (make sure you are connected to the Internet)
  • Click on 'Activate License' and you will get notified that the authorization proces has been succesfully completed

Potential problem: License cannot Be Validated'
This happens when your license code has reached its maximum activations. If you want to complete the activation, you have to deactive the license on another machine. Another solution is to buy an additional license at your favourite Artlantis reseller.


Serial deactivation is also very simple by following the next steps:
  • Windows: Go to 'Help' > 'Edit License' and click on 'Deactivate License'
  • Mac OS X: Go to 'Artlantis' > 'License' and click on 'Deactivate License'

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