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The dream of all architectural firms and visualization studio's in the world coming true; Twinmotion is a visualization and 3D immersion software which allows you to work faster on large projects, and requires less than half the effort of other software.





Real-Time Quality

Your simulations, changes and choices are all visible in real-time with the same quality as in the final rendering, which is unique on the market.


A simple and intuitive interface allows you to choose the season, the weather and the lighting. Enrich your scenes with characters, vehicles and even sounds…always in real-time and in just a few clicks.

All Media

Simple images and panoramas express your ideas, while standard and 360° videos embrace the space and bring your project to life within its environment, leading to full 3D immersion through a unique VR experience. Twinmotion produces all these presentation options within a few moments.


Twinmotion is equipped with the following functionalities to create rich 3D visualizations and immersions.



System Requirements



  • Windows 7 to 10 - 64 Bit

System Requirements:

  • Intel Core i7
  • 16 GB RAM
  • Video card 8+ GB DirectX compatible *
  • 3-button mouse with scroll function

Video card

* If you are looking for a new system or upgrade, please pay extra attention to the video card. We do recommend video cards with a nVidia RTX chip (or minimum GTX 1000-serie). These cards support 3D software very well and have qualitative drivers.



  • macOS 10.13 - 10.15

System Requirements:

  • Macbook Pro or iMac (Pro) from 2016
  • Intel Core i7
    Please note: Twinmotion is not yet compatible with the Apple M1 processor!
  • 16 GB RAM
  • Video card 8+ GB or higher *
  • 3-button mouse with scroll function

Video card

* If you are looking for a new system or upgrade, please pay extra attention to the video card. For Apple we recommend video cards compatible with Metal 1.2.


At this moment, there's no Linux version of Twinmotion available




All mentioned prices are per license / seat and excl. VAT!


Twinmotion 2022 - Full License


€ 425,- 1

Twinmotion 2022 - Upgrade from 2021 / 2020 / 2019


€ 0,- 2 / 3

1 - All perpetual licenses come with one year of free upgrades
2 - If you have Twinmotion 2021 / 2020 / 2019 via Epic, you will receive access to the latest version automatically via your Epic account in the Epic launcher (until December 31, 2022)
3 - Users of an older version of Twinmotion via Abvent can request a free upgrade here.



You can buy Twinmotion through one of our dedicated resellers:

Twinmotion History

New in Twinmotion 2022
  • New Native Assets - Hundreds of extra 3D objects are added to the Twinmotion Native Library. They are stored in the Cloud now to not make the installer file too big to download. Click them to download and use right away!
  • New Quixel Assets - Two new libraries have been added with 3D plants and Decals. .
  • 3DConnexion 3D Mice now supported - You can now use your favorite 3DConnexion 3D Mouse in Twinmotion 2022.
  • Cloud Share
    • You can now share your project from the cloud by sending a permanent link. The link will stay the same as your project updates!
    • Add a panorama set to jump through the project.
    • Works on mobile, tablets, in trials and educational versions of Twinmotion 2022.
  • Path Tracer - This great new technique renders even quicker and more beautiful and is a choice. Make sure to have a DXR ready videocard with at least 8 Gb RAM. Please note: macOS is not supported.
  • HDRI - Add one of the many shipped HDRI backgrounds to light up your scene.
  • Datasmith (Live)(Multi)Link - Exchange files using the Datasmith formats for the best experience and live linking. It is even possible to link files from up to 5 sessions to one Twinmotion session: Design a playground in Rhino, a building in SketchUp and see them jointly rendered in one Twinmotion session!
  • CSV Material Mapping - Map your scene materials via a CSV file to get the most out of all the programs you use with instant conversion.
  • LiDAR Point Clouds Support - View and navigate any imported point cloud in your 3D scene in color.
  • Update Prompt - Never miss an update to Twinmotion with the automatic update prompt.
  • Virtual Reality improvements - Set your custom rendering quality to make sure your presentation runs smoothly on any device.
  • Better Snow - The Snow material now supports Sub Surface Scattering for an even more realistic winter scene.
  • Work Fullscreen - Press F12 to work full screen while still keeping the ability to translate and navigate objects via hotkeys.
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User cases, video's, manuals, tutorials and more. Everything you need to get you started with Twinmotion.


Whether you are getting started and need some basic training or are an avid Twinmotion user, please click here (or image below) for some resources to help you succeed.



See below the various applications and examples of Twinmotion in practice.

Lukalize - User Case

Pim van den Broek - User Case

Scenario Architecture - User Case


The newest Twinmotion video tutorials to get you started.

SketchUp to Twinmotion

Fast Architectural Visualization

External Assets

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