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Thea for SketchUp

A new update for Thea for SketchUp update (RV811.1816) iis now available for download. The update for this high-end render plugin contains the following improvements:

  • Added drag'n'drop and Copy/Paste/Delete support for textures;
  • When editing material in Thea window same material is activated in SketchUp's material editor;
  • When Tools panel is activated Thea Tool is also made active - the cursor changes to Thea cursor;
  • "Reset To Preset" context menu added when switching from Editor back to Preset to prevent accidental material reset;
  • Material Editor resets to the last preset Type used, not just to 'Default';
  • And much more...


If you are new to Thea for SketchUp, you can request your demo version here. If you are already using Thea 2.x for SketchUp, you can download the full version here to get your latest full version of Thea for SketchUp.

Buy / Upgrade

If you are convinced by the possibilities of Thea for SketchUp, you can buy your (upgrade) license through one of our dedicated resellers

Happy Rendering!

solidThinking Units

Altair, developer of the solidThinking products, has launched a new, revolutionary license model: solidThinking Units. Normally you’d choose a software title for which you’d purchase a license. With solidThinking Units, you choose a number Units to start any product you want for which you have enough Units.

You lease solidThinking Units per year or per month. solidThinking Units can be freely distributed within your organization. This way, you can grant access to the software to anyone in your organization. In case you have unused Units left, you can use these to perform calculations in the Cloud! This makes solidThinking Units the most flexible software licensing model that exists today.

Advantages solidThinking Units

  • You have access to all Altair solidThinking products
  • You no longer have to choose a specific software title
  • Anyone in your organization can be given access to the software
  • Units stapelen niet: heeft u bijvoorbeeld 30 Units, dan kunt u alle softwaretitels waarvoor max. 30 Units benodigd zijn opstarten;
  • Cheaper than purchasing separate licenses
  • You can lease extra Units per month to cover peaks in your workload
  • You can use unused Units to perform calculations in the Cloud

More Information

For more information about solidThinking Units, please see:


KeyShot 8.1 is available for download now.

KeyShot 8.1 is a free update for KeyShot 8 and contains the following new features and improvements:

  • 16-bit PSD Output - now available for still images, animation frames and configurator output, containing more tones per color channel than typical 8-bit output.
  • In-View Indicators - quickly regenerate geometry and/or HDRI when changes are made to geometry shaders or the HDRI environment.
  • Invert Selection - users will now have the option to invert a selection.
  • In-App Problem Reporting - report a crash or error directly inside the application.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.


Happy Rendering!

Artlantis 2019 officially released

Artlantis 2019 unifies Artlantis Render and Studio in one powerful rendering application!

Site Insertion

Completely redesigned site insertion tool for easily inserting a 3D model in an existing photo.

Artlantis 2019

3D Grass

Artlantis now has new shaders helping the generation of 3D grass, enhancing the realism of the scene.

Artlantis 2019

Vegetation Tool

Artlantis offers a new tool allowing you to blanket defined zones with a selection of 3D vegetation.

Artlantis 2019

Media Catalog

Large choice of additional tree varieties, as well as characters and vehicles.

Artlantis 2019


As default setting, automatic exposure allows you to calculate the appropriate image exposure according to the light spread into the scene.

Artlantis 2019

Download Artlantis 2019

Artlantis 2019 can be downloaded as a trial version, which is valid for 30 days. After that you can authorize the program with a license code. You can download Artlantis 2019 here.


If you are convinced by the possibilities of Artlantis 2019, you can order your v2019 license through one of our resellers.

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