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Better performance with SketchUp 2023.1

Better performance with SketchUp 2023.1

Trimble has officially launched SketchUp for Desktop 2023.1. SketchUp for Desktop 2023.1 introduces major updates that make 3D modelling more precise, efficient and fun:

  • New iconography
    All toolbars and associated tools have been redesigned to have the same look and feel as SketchUp for Web and SketchUp for iPad.
  • Snaps
    Very easily connect groups or components in predefined ways.
  • Horizon Color
    Convey the perfect mood with different colours for the horizon.
  • Render controls in LayOut
    Work faster in LayOut with a lower viewport resolution and export the final result at high resolution.
  • Auto-Associate labels
    More automation, as annotations such as titles and scales are automatically updated.

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