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Profile Builder 3 available!

Profile Builder 3 available!

The developer of Profile Builder has officially released a new version of this useful Extension: version 3! Profile Builder 3 contains lots of new tools and features designed to help you create smart profiles within SketchUp:

  • Build Along Multiple Paths - Profile builder now allows you the ability to extrude profiles along multiple different paths at one time.
  • Build Discontinous - This allows you to set your joints where objects turn as individual objects, rather than just one continuous object. In addition, you can adjust whether the profile follows around the curve, or if it starts a new profile at the junctions.
  • Auto Assembler - Auto Assemble will try to create an assembly based on an example object you’ve drawn.
  • Span Assemblies - spans are basically assemblies that are anchored between adjacent component parts. This allows sag, curve, etc.
  • Hole Tool - This tool allows you to cut holes in profiles you’ve created.
  • Set Height of Assemblies - You can now adjust the height of various assemblies simply by entering a new value in the height box in the Assembly dialog, allowing quick height adjustments.
  • Live Profile Editing - This option allows you to select a profile, then adjust it so that all instances adjust automatically without you having to go back and adjust them individually.
  • Split/Edit Complex Members - Allows you to split different parts of extruded profiles into their own objects

Try & Buy

Request your 30-day demo version for Profile Builder 3 here (you will be redirected to the website of the developer) and be surprised by the many possibilities of this Extension!


Profile Builder version 3 has a suggested retail price of € 69 excl. VAT and is available through our extensive reseller channel. If you are already an user of version 2 of Profile Builder, you can upgrade your license for only € 49,- excl. VAT.

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