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SketchUp for iPad 6.2 - Creatiever en intuïtiever

SketchUp for iPad 6.2 - More creative and intuitive

Trimble has officially launched SketchUp for iPad 6.2. SketchUp for iPad 6.2 introduces important updates that make 3D drawing more precise, efficient and fun:

  • Hover
    Hover over the iPad with Apple Pencil (only available on the new M2 iPad Pro) to find mid and end points, draw without guides or assistive geometry, align objects or see tool prompts.
  • Custom Toolbars
    Create two customizable toolbars with eight of your favourite tools.
  • Save As & Reload
    Work independently on different parts of a 3D model and test alternatives with these new features.
  • Flip
    Mirror components easily and predictably over the visualized surfaces.
  • Dark Mode
    Dark mode to prevent tired eyes in the evening.
  • Tag Folders
    Create and edit Tag Folders, which also work on Desktop and Web.
  • Solid Tools
    Use 2 or more objects to create new geometry.
  • DWG Import/Export
    Import and export DWGs on SketchUp for iPad.

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