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Undet - Integrate 3D scan data effortlessly into SketchUp

Undet - Integrate 3D scan data effortlessly into SketchUp

New at Design8 bv is UNDET for SketchUp. UNDET is a simple and powerful extension to create accurate 2D, 3D and BIM products based on point clouds (3D scan data). It integrates seamlessly into SketchUp. .

It uses well designed features and tools for point clouds. This makes it possible to work very efficiently with the 3D scan data. Moreover, UNDET has a short learning curve.

What are the key features of UNDET?

  • Easy - UNDET is easy to learn, you get results very fast.
  • Efficient- You work productively and efficiently with extended point clouds. The modelling process can be accelerated up to three times. This saves you time documenting existing structures in 2D and 3D.
  • Powerful - Point clouds store extremely detailed information which can become unwieldy. UNDET speeds up the workflow, even when working with huge data sets.
  • Error prevention - UNDET prevents modifications and errors. This saves the time and effort of troubleshooting afterwards.

Functions of UNDET

  • Point cloud clipping box
  • Point cloud visualisation
  • Meshing of ground planes
  • Snapping and reference
  • Support for geodata
  • Automatic extraction
  • Texturing & orthophoto
  • 3D Model inspection tools

Read more?

See the UNDET product page or request a free demo.



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