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UNDET for SketchUp 2022 is available!

UNDET for SketchUp 2022 is available!

UNDET for SketchUp 2022 is available!

UNDET has released a new version of UNDET for SketchUp, version 2022. UNDET is a simple and powerful extension to create accurate 2D, 3D and BIM products based on point clouds (3D scan data). It integrates seamlessly into SketchUp. .

What new in UNDET for SketchUp 2022?

  • New smart snapping tools - This allows you to draw SketchUp objects by snapping to point cloud points. The tools automatically recognize the orientation of the plane being drawn, whether it is a vertical or horizontal plane, and allow you to snap not only to point cloud point but also to existing geometry.
  • Direct integration with UNDET's point cloud viewer - The new UNDET Browser has been fully integrated into UNDET for SketchUp. UNDET Browser is a free stand-alone point cloud viewer, created specifically to help you view, analyze and navigate your digital data as a panoramic view. However, it's not just a simple point cloud viewer. Just select an unclear 3D data point in the CAD model and the Browser will automatically deliver the oriented view from the nearest scan stations.
  • SketchUp 2022 compatible - UNDET for SketchUp 2022 is compatible with Trimble SketchUp 2020, 2021 & 2022.


See the UNDET product page or request a free demo.



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