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Enscape 3.0 - New Brand & User Interface

Enscape 3.0 - New Brand & User Interface

Check out the latest Enscape, version 3.0! Enscape 3.0 has got some fantastic improvements, like an overhauled user interface, local assets and video editor improvements!


  • New User Interface
    • Improved visual setting workflow management
    • Relocation of functions from the plugin toolbar to the renderer toolbar
    • A new structure for displaying information in the renderer
    • A new video timeline view and a change to video keyframes: V = video editor and K = keyframe
  • Local assets
    333 New assets which focus on iconic or specific assets to local regions. These include vehicles, objects, and species of trees and shrubs to help the user produce more authentic, regional experiences within 3D designs.
  • Video editor improvements
    The video editor has a new streamlined workflow. Now, all aspects of the video creation process are clearly visible, without the need for diving into sub menus. There is also a new timeline view for faster and easier video creation and editing.
  • Batch rendering for Vectorworks
    Vectorworks users can now batch render a set of images, allowing them to render multiple images at once, significantly speeding up their rendering time.
  • Faster loading for textures
    Enscape now supports simultaneous loading of texture images (used in materials), which results in significantly faster loading times.
  • Setting presets connected to 3D views
    Previously, visual presets, including fog, cloud, or lighting settings, were only applied when doing batch renderings. Now, the visual settings are applied in real time when switching between views.
  • PLUS - sleek new branding!
    In addition to the redesigned user interface, Enscape also has a new appearance with a brand new logo!


Enscape 3.0 is a free upgrade for existing users. Please download the latest version in our download section.

If you are new to Enscape and interested in buying or demoing Enscape, please click one of the buttons below for a demo download or a map with resellers in your neighborhood.

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