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Enscape 2.6 - A new dimension of realism

Enscape 2.6 - A new dimension of realism

Check out the latest Enscape, version 2.6! Enscape 2.6 has got some fantastic improvements, like new lighting calculations, improved settings and new assets!


  • Lighting & Reflections
    Completely overhauled lighting calculation algorithms offer better reflections and accurate indirect lighting for a stunning realism.
  • Revamped Settings
    Save settings directly in the CAD file, enabling easy sharing with colleagues for the same result.
  • Asset Library Expansion
    The Asset Library has been expanded with new categories and detailed content.
  • Additional Features
    • ArchiCAD material editor
    • MSI installer
    • Numerical input possible on settings sliders
    • Revit: Multiple asset placement functions
    • Reduced memory usage by downsamling larger textures
    • Rift S controllers now visible in virtual reality
    • Improved sun shadows for renders
    • Full Revit 2020 support


Enscape 2.6 is a free upgrade for existing users. Please download the latest version in our download section.

If you are new to Enscape and interested in buying or demoing Enscape, please click one of the buttons below for a demo download or a map with resellers in your neighborhood.

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