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Twinmotion 2018 SP2 released

Design8 is excited to announce Twinmotion 2018 Service Pack 2. Twinmotion 2018 SP2 contains some great new features and several performance and stability fixes which will improve the workflow.

New features and improvements

  • Compatibility with Oculus Touch and HTC Vive controllers
    Users can immerse themselves in BIMmotion using VR controllers too while the VR mode is activated.
  • New environment setting options
    More environmental options — including Sun power, Ambient power and White balance — are added to Twinmotion, which allow you to customize the environment in real-time.
  • Overdraw
    Overdraw defines the percentage of additional pixels rendered virtually during exports (the final export resolution stays the same). By adding overdraw to your output media (image or video), the quality of the output will be improved, especially the reflections.
  • New library sources
    • Water materials
    • 18 Particles, including fire, smoke, waterfall, fountains, fog, etc…
    • 22 Interior plants
    • 2 animation options added for disabled characters (wheel chair)
  • Texture preview
    The thumbnail of an imported texture is added to the texture menu. Duplicate material is also possible with this update.
  • Statistics
    Statistics function is added to the right panel, under the list of Phasing / BIM Information / Transform. The statistics show you information including: FPS, GPU/CPU usage, File loading time, counter of polygons/objects/textures, last image render time and last video render time.
  • Batch rendering
    The export dock is reworked to allow the batch rendering of the four different media.
  • Compatibility with Artlantis 6.5
  • Two new saving features
    • The Auto save option is activated through the Preferences menu. Its function is to save a copy of your file at pre-defined intervals. You could also define the number of saves and their destination in the preferences window. The Autosave option is deactivated by default.
    • Incremental save is activated through the save menu options. Its function is to save a copy of the file you are working on, so you can backtrack to a previous version.
  • Several optimizations and enhancements improving stability and workflow.


Happy Animating!

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