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SU Podium 2.5.5 Plus released

SU Podium, the popular render plug-in which runs completely inside SketchUp Pro, has released version 2.5.5 Plus. SU Podium 2.5.5 Plus offers users a few great improvements, like:

  • Improved Generate Script
    Podium's generate script tool can now generate a .SCRIPT file that can be opened later on in OOPR. So, now you can change scripts between computers.
  • Defringe feature in PIE
    The Podium Image Editor now has a defringe feature to clean up the edges of images rendered with a transparent alpha channel.
  • HDR support
    Podium Image Editor now supports HDR file format.
  • Panorama Server
    A new medium to store and share your panoramas created in SU Podium. You can upload your panoramic render directly from Podium Image Editor.
  • Preset Compare page
    An interactive preset comparison page that will be accessible from the options dialog. Very helpful to see presets work in SU Podium.
  • Unknown Symbol message fixed
    The unexplained "unknown symbol" message that produced black images or images with camera view facing in the wrong direction, has been fixed.
  • Podium Light System problem fixed
    The problem with editing values for point ligths and spot lights has been fixed.

Click here to read more about SU Podium.


SU Podium V2.5.5 Plus is only available for users of SketchUp Pro 2016 and SketchUp Pro 2015. It's a free update for existing SU Podium 2.5.x Plus users. For all other users it's a paid upgrade. Please see the following page for the most recent pricing.

Happy Rendering!

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