SketchUp Pro 2019
SketchUp Pro 2019

2019: A new way to SketchUp

SketchUp Pro 2019 is here! With this release, SketchUp Pro offers a new licensing model and several improvements to SketchUp Pro and LayOut.

New Licensing Model

SketchUp Pro is from now on also available as an annual subscription. With subscription you will get - besides access to the usual desktop version - access to the premium web version, unlimited cloud storage and SketchUp Viewer apps for mobile, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. With subscriptions you will see SketchUp Pro from a whole new perspective.

Viewers for Virtual Reality and Extended Reality are now at the palm of your hand if you choose for a subscription.

SketchUp Pro - New Features

A long requested feature: dashed lines are a new feature in SketchUp Pro 2019

LayOut - New Features

SketchUp & LayOut work even better together in version 2019.


Users with a valid Maintenance
Everyone who has an active SketchUp Pro Maintenance, will receive a free upgrade to SketchUp Pro 2019! Please contact your reseller for obtaining your new license. But, please also have some patience. The 30 day trial will do for your first work in SketchUp Pro and within that period you will receive your new license codes.

Users with an expired Maintenance (until 3 years)
Users with an expired Maintenance (until 3 years) can upgrade as well. They will need to purchase maintenance and pay an extra compensation for the period without having Maintenance. Please see this page for the actual pricing.

Users with an expired Maintenance (more than 3 years)
If you have a Maintenance expired more than 3 years, you can no longer renew your Maintenance and need to buy a new license. Please see this page for the actual pricing.


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More Info

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