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  1. Change IP address SketchUp Classic Network license server
  2. End of support policy: which versions of SketchUp are still supported?
  3. Trimble Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) - Enter Verification Code!
  4. Frequently Asked Upgrade Questions SketchUp Pro 2022
  5. Frequently asked questions about SketchUp for iPad
  6. How do I assign products to a large group of users?
  7. What do I do if a user leaves midterm?
  8. How to revoke a SketchUp license?
  9. How do I remove someone as a member of my organisation?
  10. SketchUp for Education: If I purchase new seats partway into the semester, will they be considered a part of my previous order?
  11. How to activate your Subscription
  12. Managing users in the Account Management Portal
  13. I want to activate SU Podium in a newer version of SketchUp. Do I have to deactivate the old version first?
  14. I have bought SketchUp Pro / Studio, but am still in Trial
  15. Frequently Asked Upgrade Questions SketchUp Pro 2021
  16. Remove or repair Sketchup Pro
  17. End of Life Classic licenses - Frequently Asked Questions
  18. Deactivate SketchUp Pro license
  19. Frequently Asked Subscription questions
  20. Does SketchUp Pro also make backups?
  21. FAQ Reinstatement Fee
  22. I am having troubles using 3D Warehouse, Extension Warehouse, Add Location, Dynamic Components, ...
  23. What makes a great 3D Warehouse model?
  24. I am unable to authorize my SketchUp Pro license
  25. How do I transfer my templates and scrapbooks to the newest version of LayOut?
  26. How do I transfer all my settings, materials, components and extensions to a newer version of SketchUp?
  27. Edges look jagged
  28. File locked by another user
  29. Authorize SketchUp with a Network License
  30. Authorize SketchUp with a single-user license
  31. Frequently Asked Questions (network) licensing SketchUp Pro 2015 and later
  32. How do I find out if a Plug-In is causing troubles?
  33. What Videocard is recommended? (EN)
  34. What kinds of files can I import into SketchUp?
  35. Can I export my SketchUp models to other programs?
  36. Can I share files between SketchUp Pro and SketchUp?
  37. What is the maximum resolution of image exports?
  38. How do I install and extend a network license?
  39. Can I run both SketchUp and LayOut at the same time?
  40. Can I download LayOut separately from SketchUp Pro?
  41. LayOut: What is LayOut?
  42. LayOut: How can I best learn how to use it?
  43. LayOut: Why can't I drag from Scrapbook dialog box?
  44. LayOut: My Scrapbook entity keeps stamping. Why?
  45. LayOut: The lock inference command doesn't work. Why?
  46. LayOut: Grouped entities aren't inferencing other entities.
  47. LayOut: Why do my SketchUp models look blocky?
  48. LayOut: Why do some fonts change on another computer?
  49. LayOut: Can I change filled shapes?
  50. LayOut: How can I share a Scrapbook?
  51. LayOut- How can I open a shared Scrapbook?
  52. LayOut: Can I edit my SketchUp model in LayOut?
  53. LayOut: How can I open a dialog box?
  54. LayOut How do I update my changed SketchUp models?
  55. LayOut: How do I move an entity behind another entity?
  56. LayOut: Can I view a SketchUp model at a certain scale?
  57. LayOut: How do I place a SketchUp model in LayOut?
  58. Stylebuilder: User Interface
  59. Stylebuilder: Sets Pane
  60. Stylebuilder: Settings Tab
  61. Stylebuilder: Strokes Tab
  62. Stylebuilder: Preferences Dialog Box
  63. Stylebuilder: Styles Preview Window
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