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Error- Unable to checkout V-Ray GUI license

If you receive this error when starting up SketchUp Pro with V-Ray enabled, it means that your license cannot be found. It can mean any of these things:

  • Something is wrong with the V-Ray License server;
  • Your temporary license has expired;
  • You are not logged in or logged in with the wrong credentials;
  • You have installed the incorrect version of V-Ray;
  • Something is wrong with your dongle.

Run this test.

  1. Start your web browser;
  2. Type in the address bar: http://localhost:30304/;

A number of results can occur.

  1. Page cannot be found
  2. Page displays in big blue letters: "Enable Online licensing". The dongle menu shows an orange blinking square.
  3. Page displays products but when you click through, no licenses are availabe.
  4. Dongle menu shows green square but page states "0 licenses"
  5. Online Licensensing menu is enabled but page states "0 Licenses"

How to solve.

1. Page cannot be found
Chaosgroup > Launch V-Ray License Server (Win) or Programs > Chaosgroup > Launch V-Ray License server(Mac).
Again, visit localhost:30304 and check that it does work now. If it doesn't, re-download and reinstall V-Ray.
2. Page displays 'Enable online licensing'

If you have chosen to purchase online licensing: Click the text 'Enable online licensing' and enter your credentials.

If you have chosen to purchase dongle licenses: Click the dongle menu and click 'Restart Dongle Service'. It should show up like this: dongle menu shows the dongle serial number
If this doesn't work, you may need to reinstall the wibu software. Go to the wibu website and download the wibu key software. Install as administrator and restart your computer.
If it still doesn't work, make sure your dongle is recognized by the system as a usb device and run the application WKCONFIG. Check to see if the dongle is listed and has a code programmed. It should look like "250897:7758101".

If anything is not working in this process, please contact your reseller.

3. Page displays products but when you click through, no licenses are availabe.
Most likely, you owned temporary licenses which have expired. Contact your reseller to buy new ones.
4. Dongle menu shows a green square but the pages states '0 licenses'.
Your dongle contains no licenses. Either it used to contain licenses which are now expired, or it has never contained licenses yet. In the latter case: find the RTU file you received from your reseller and double-click it to write the licenses to the dongle.
5. Online licensing menu is enabled but page states '0 licenses'.
Eiter your temporary licenses have expired or you are logged in with the wrong credentials. Click the menu 'online licensing' and choose 'disable'. Then click it again and use the proper credentials.

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