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How to create a WBC file of your V-Ray dongle

  1. Download and install the most recent version of the V-Ray License Server, which can be found on the Chaos Group website;
  2. Make sure you are running the latest version of the WibuKey drivers, to be downloaded from the website of WIBU (WibuKey Runtime);
  3. Make sure the dongle is in the machine or a server and recognized by the system drivers;
  4. Make sure the V-Ray license server is running on the machine that has the dongle in;
  5. Open a browser window (e.g. Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, ...);
  6. Type in the address bar: "http://localhost:30304/" *
  7. Click the big button named ´Dongle´ and select ´Upgrade´:

  8. Right click on the link to your WBC file and choose to save the linked file;

* You may need to replace "localhost" with the IP address of your server, the computer where the dongle is attached to and has the V-Ray license server running.



You navigated to your localhost address, but can’t find an ‘upgrade’ button?
This probably means that you still aren’t running the most latest version of the V-Ray License Server. You can download the license server under the ‘Download’ section on the Chaos Group website.

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