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Your Video Card

If you see screen errors or instable behaviour of our 3D software, it is very likely to be the videocard causing troubles.

The videocard should support OpenGL very well. OpenGL is like the alphabet of 3D language for your system. Some cards claim they understand it, but don't know all the characters. And our software really use all characters in the OpenGL alphabet!

So if you are looking for a new system or upgrade, pay extra attention to the videocard. We do not recommend cards that are integrated on the motherboard. They often share the system RAM and perform very poorly. Intel delivers many of these.

We do recommend cards with a nVidia chipset. The more expensive GeForce types perform well, as do the real OpenGL nVidia chips: Quadro. The Quadro performs really well yet is more expensive than the GeForce series.

We recommend 2 GB of RAM or more to get good performance with textured imaging. Both some applications ask for more memory, so please check the specific system requirements of your (preferred) software application at all time!

Photorealistic rendering is mainly calculated by the system processor, not the videocard. So more processors helps in that process. The videocard handles all the performance while working in OpenGL 3D mode in your applications.

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