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Textures are not displaying

There is an issue with textures that are assigned to the back side of a face and then are exposed in the model. Podium V2 will render these textures inversely. To avoid this problem, make sure exposed faces are front side and not back side.

How can you tell which face is front side and which is back side? There are a couple of ways to find out.

SketchUp 7 and 8 has a nice tool that will turn off textures and display only the monochrome color of all the faces in the model. In SketchUp the normal or front side of a face is a light tan color and the back side is a darker, usually blue color. Using the monochrome icon in the Face Style tool bar, you can see which face is blue or back side. When you find the blue or back side faces, right click on them and use the Reverse Face option. You will have to reapply the texture to the front side face.

The other method is to right click on the face and pick Entity Info. You will see two image panes in the Entity Info box. The left side is the front side. The right is the back side. Which side is the texture on?

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