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I can't scroll in the SU Podium Browser Window

You may experience a badly functioning SU Podium Browser Window in SketchUp. This may have to do with your browser settings. How strange it may sound, SU Podium Browser uses Safari on Mac and Internet Explorer on Windows to display its window. If you set have your security settings too high or otherwise you may experience difficulties.

Try reloading the window by clicking an empty spot in the window using the right mouse button. Then choose Reload. On Windows press F5.

Should this not be of any help, then visit the Browser page in your internet browser by going to this URL:


Then click a thumbnail to download the SketchUp file. Import this SketchUp file into SketchUp Pro and you'll be rendering again soon. It may be a bit tedious this way but at least it's a work around until browser problems are solved.

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