Edges look jagged

Edges in SketchUp can look jagged sometimes, as the following (enlarged) image shows:


The goal is to make our edges look more like this:


This will be decided by the graphics card that SketchUp is using.

Mac OS X

Go to SketchUp > Preferences > OpenGL and choose at Multisample anti-aliasing the quality. The quality willb e decided by the capacity of your graphics card (Graphics Card Details)



Click on the menu Window > Preferences > OpenGL. In this window you can choose (depending on your video card) 0x; 2x or 4x Anti-Aliasing. See 1 in the below image. To check that SketchUp uses your expensive video card instead of the integrated graphic chip set, click the Details (2) button. This will display a little window listing which video card or chip set is used.


Dual setup

If you have a dual setup with a video card and an integrated graphic chip set, your video card usually allows you to choose which of the two you want to use for globally and for each application. Find a description to set this for SketchUp below.

When you restart SketchUp you may get an error message. You can safely ignore this message. Do revisit the previous paragraph and make sure SketchUp uses the video card and uses 4x anti-aliasing