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What makes a great 3D Warehouse model?

What makes a great 3D Warehouse model? Follow this checklist!

This is a checklist to help you provide great models to users of 3D Warehouse. A great product model should conform to the following checklist items:

  • Be at real-world size
  • Use a common sense axes origin
  • Proper face orientation
  • Minimum geometry to represent the item
  • Minimum material image sizes
  • Embed useful metadata
  • Restructure for 3D Warehouse content
  • Purge unused layers, components and materials (Model Info > Purge unused)
  • Use one layer: Layer0 (or minimal layers)
  • Use one simple consistent style
  • No stray geometry
  • No section planes
  • No guides
  • Only appropriate text and dimensions
  • Only appropriate geo-location
  • Test for correct behavior

Download the 3D Warehouse Checklist here.

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