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I am having troubles using 3D Warehouse, Extension Warehouse, Add Location, Dynamic Components, ...

Should you have any troubles using a SketchUp Pro functionality that actually displays web content, then chances are that there are some browser related or Trimble / Google account problems. This is how to solve them:

1. Browser related problems

SketchUp Pro always uses Internet Explorer on Windows and Safari on Mac (even though you use a different browser) so:

  • Update Internet Explorer or Safari to the latest version;
  • Make Internet Explorer or Safari your default browser (at least for now);
  • Enable Java on your system;
  • Reduce the security settings for internet access;
  • Empty the browser cache for Internet Explorer or Safari;
  • Clear the browser cookies for Internet Explorer or Safari.
2. Trimble / Google account related problems
  • Click the Torso-icon bottom left of the SketchUp Pro Window and log in or actually out. Repeat this step. This way you make sure you are correctly logged into SketchUp Pro for account related functionalities.

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