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Signing in and License Management - All about the Account Management Portal

Account Management in SketchUp

In this article you will find everything about the Account Management Portal. Click on the link below to quickly jump to a topic, or scroll through to read it all!



Every Trimble ID has an Account that can be managed in the AMP. If you bought a Subscription, you are also the Admin/Owner of the bought Subscription and you will have the ability to assign a Member or End User.

A Trimble ID can have more than one account, for instance, they receive a Plan from another company or buy from another reseller.


If you bought a Subscription, you are the Admin or Owner of that Plan. The Plan is automatically assigned to the Trimble ID (=email address) of the order. If you bought more than one seat, the first seat is automatically assigned to the Admin, unless you specify otherwise when ordering.


AMP-Account Management Portal. This is where you can manage your account(s)!

End User

An end user is the one who is going to use SketchUp or any other application that is included with the Plan.

Included Applications

Each Plan gives access to different Applications (SketchUp, LayOut, StyleBuilder, Trimble Connect for Business, Viewers, Sefaira, but also SketchUp For Web or Shop)


With a Plan, you have access to the included applications of that plan for a period of time or duration (eg. one year).

A Plan can have more then one Seat.


A Seat is part of a Plan and can be assigned to a Member or end user with a Trimble ID. A Seat is not a Device.


There are different types of devices, Computers (Desktop or Laptop), Mobile (Phone,tablet) and Viewers (Hololens,Oculus etc) With one seat, you may be logged in on two devices of each specific type.

Trimble ID

A Trimble ID is an email address with a first and last name. The email address is the unique identifier, therefore, it cannot be changed.


A Member is an End User that takes one Seat of the Plan.

How to access my Account?

There are several ways to access your AMP-Account Management Portal:

It should get you here:

Choose the right account ( don’t worry, you can always select another account) and depending on what plans you have and if you are the Admin of that plan you get to see these options:

If you select an option, it will take you to the main screen where you can switch accounts and choose the other options, remember, a Trimble ID can have more than one account. For someone that has not bought a subscription himself, it can look something like this:

Next, we will assign seats. If you are the sole user of the Subscription, it would be assigned to you already. If you’re the Admin of a Company and have bought more than one subscription, you need to assign its Members.

How to assign Members?

You can manage the Members in the Members area on the left and if you have more products, you get to see something like this:

  1. Current Account, switch accounts if necessary with the down arrow.
  2. Members area
  3. Current number of assigned seats (Not Devices!)
  4. Remaining seats

Also check if you have selected the right Product, the current product is highlighted and has a blue line at the bottom.

To Assign a Member, click the blue +Assign button, if you assign a member that already has a Trimble ID, it’s first and last name would be recognised. If a member hasn’t got a Trimble ID, You need to fill in the first and last name.

Click the blue Add button and you’re done! The Member will receive an email with the notification. If a member does not have a Trimble ID, he/she will receive a message to activate his/her account. Let the member check the spam folder, the activation mail expires after 72 hours.

Email notification:

If the Member clicks on the blue Access Products button, he/she will get to his/her AMP.

How to remove Members?

If you hover with your mouse over the Member’s name a blue circle with an X will appear at the end.

If you click on it, a popup will appear to confirm:

How to download the Apps?

On the left side of the AMP, make sure you select ‘My Products’, then see what apps are included:

  1. Select ‘My Products
  2. Click ‘View Included Applications’
  3. Download the App (It will recognize your OS)

Alternatively, you can go to www.sketchup.com and get the latest version on the top right:

  1. Go to ‘My Apps’
  2. Download SketchUp:
  1. SketchUp Pro (desktop client)
  2. SketchUp Viewer
  3. Go to Sefaira.com and download the extension

Access Learning Content

Each app in the ‘View Included Apps’ section has a link to learn more about that app:

  1. Click on ‘View Included Applications’
  2. At the bottom, click on ‘Access Learning Content’

You will be directed to the appropriate help chapter to learn more about it, or to learn.sketchup.com for courses.

Manage Devices

If you are logged in on too many devices, you can Deauthorize all devices by clicking on ‘Manage Devices’

  1. Click on ‘View Included Applications’
  2. At the bottom, click on ‘Manage Devices’
  3. Confirm the Deauthorization, or
  4. Hit the ‘X’ to cancel

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