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How to activate your Subscription

Congratulations, you have purchased a SketchUp Subscription. Now what?
Read on and activate your SketchUp Subscription using the steps below! Or watch the video.

A. If you do not yet have a Trimble ID

(or if you are purchasing the license on a different Trimble ID than the one you already have)
If you already have a Trimble ID, proceed directly to step B.
How do I know if I have a Trimble ID?

  1. Check the email at the email address you specified for your Subscription;
    You will receive an email from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
    with the subject "Trimble Account Creation Notification”

  2. In the email, click on the Activate account
    activate account You will be redirected to a website

  3. Enter your email address here and choose a password
    kies een wachtwoord You now have an active Trimble ID account, continue with step B.
    What if I didn't click on the activation link before the 72 hours were over?

B. When you have an active Trimble ID

Check your mail at the address you entered for your Subscription;
You will receive an e-mail from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject “Your subscription for SketchUp Pro/Studio/..., annual termed contract is here” entitlement created Check your spam or trash folder if your cannot find it.
If you have not had this email, your license has not yet been assigned and you must follow step C:

C. Assign your license

If you only purchased one license, you can skip this step, your license is automatically assigned.
Proceed directly to step D.
If you have purchased more than one license, you should always follow this step.
  1. Log in to your Account Management Portal
    PLEASE NOTE: Use the email address you purchased the subscription with to log in!
    PLEASE NOTE: Use Trimble's yellow button to log in! You may have previously created a Trimble ID through your Google Account or Apple ID, but that is not the Trimble ID to which the membership will be linked. (Google has different password requirements and Apple may use a dummy email address if the Hide my mail address option is used)

    sign in

    Choose the account that says ‘Purchased via….’

    select account

    Once logged in, you can still switch accounts on the left:

    switch account
  2. Then click on the tab Members onder “Purchased via ……” (Name of your Reseller)
    Check here for the email address and whether it has access (Product Access):

    product access

    You can also add another email address here, for example, if you no longer use the current one. The portal also allows you to arrange multiple Subscriptions for if you have any. In this example we have added Mike Wayzovski, but as you can see he did not get any product from us! In this example, James is the Account Owner and he also has access to the product!

D. Download and install SketchUp

If you already have SketchUp Pro 202x installed, you don't need to install it again, just proceed to step E.

  1. In the same portal and logged in with the email address the product has (Product Access in the step above) you can go to 'My Products' on the left side:

  2. View included apps:

    my products

    Choose the right version for your system (Windows or Mac) At the 'Manage Devices' button you can 'de-authorize' all machines for when you get the message that activation has been done on too many machines.

E. Launch SketchUp Pro and log in with your Trimble ID

Launching SketchUp Pro on a Windows PC can be done by double-clicking the shortcut that automatically appears on your desktop after installing SketchUp Pro.

On macOS you can start SketchUp Pro by looking up the "SketchUp 202x" program folder in the "Apps" folder or via the "Launchpad". You can also drag the icons to your Dock so that they are quickly available to you.

After starting, you need to log in with the email address that has the correct 'Product Access'!

How do I know whether I have a Trimble ID?

You have a Trimble ID if you:

  • Can log in to the 3D Warehouse
  • Can log in to the Extension Warehouse
  • Use SketchUp Free
  • Use Trimble Connect
  • Have requested a trial for SketchUp 202x

My activation link is expired, now what?

In the activation e-mail it says to click the button within 72 hours. However, if you have waited too long, you can still click that button. This will still take you to the correct page. There you will need to enter the required fields. Upon doing so, the website will tell you that your link was expired, and to click the 'forgot password' link.

expired activation link

You need to click on 'forgot password' here and enter your email address again. You will then receive a new activation email.

Known errors:

Still in Trial:

Does the welcome screen still tell you you're in Trial mode? Then log out, quit SketchUp, restart and log back in. Take care to use the correct Trimble ID.

The welcome screen says Trial expired, but I have a subscription!

Follow the steps from Step C.

I have multiple subscription, how do I assign these?

You can purchase multiple subscriptions, the email address you purchase that subscription on becomes the Account owner. You can also add multiple users in the 'Members' section and choose what role they will have: Company Admin or Product user.

The Company Admin can also add users if they log in with their Trimble ID and choose the account assigned to them by the Account Owner. Added users with the Product user role only see their product in the Account management portal, so they can download SketchUp Pro themselves or have to de-authorize their Devices. (Account owners and Company Admins cannot do that for them).

While adding the users, you can assign the product in advance, or do it later or change it:


Note: A SketchUp Subscription is personal, i.e. in the name of the user. If it is a new Trimble ID, it still needs to be activated!

Manage your SketchUp subscription

You can have a subscription for SketchUp Pro and SketchUp Studio. If you have paid for the subscription, it is valid for the duration stated on your invoice. Usually this is one year.

Checking your subscription

  • You can check the status of your Subscription from within SketchUp.
  • Select in the [Menu] Help > Manage License
  • Select the Subscription tab. As long as your license is valid, it will be displayed in this window. It will also tell you when your license expires.
  • Additionally, more information is displayed through the button "Manage License".

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