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Frequently Asked Questions Upgrade SketchUp Pro 2019

Q: When do I receive my SketchUp Pro 2019 serial number and authorization code?
A: In due time! You will receive your codes from the reseller where you purchased your license and/or SketchUp Pro Maintenance.

Q: Is macOS Mojave now officially supported?
A: Yes, macOS Mojave is now supported.

Q: What happens to my SketchUp Pro 2018 license?
A: It will continue to run on the machine where it is activated. SketchUp Pro 2019 will run besides any older version on your system. However:

  • The SketchUp Pro 2018 network license cannot be started anymore 60 days after the upgrade;
  • The SketchUp Pro 2018 standalone license can't be activated on a new system anymore after the upgrade.

Q: Do all of my plugins still work?
A: Please contact the vendor of your plugin to check. You will still be able to run the plugins in your older version of SketchUp Pro as a backup. At this moment:

Q: I still have an older version of SketchUp Pro, what does an upgrade cost?
A: Since SketchUp Pro v2013, you can buy Maintenance. You pay Maintenance per year and in return for that you will automatically get the latest version. if your SketchUp Pro Maintenance has expired (less than 3 years) you will need to pay a little extra, called the Reinstatement Fee. See here for all prices.

Q: My Maintenance has expired and I want to have SketchUp Pro 2019. What do I need to do?
A: You can renew your Maintenance. Then you get the latest version of SketchUp Pro. You will need to pay a little extra, the Reinstatement Fee, since you let your Maintenance expire. See here for all prices.

Q: Are there any new system requirements for SketchUp Pro 2019?
A: No, since version 2019 you will need Windows 7 or macOS 10.12 or higher and only 64 bit will be supported. If you are having doubts about your system configuration, please download the system check-up tool to see if your computer is suitable for SketchUp Pro 2019.

Why shall I choose for subscription?
Subscription offers more features than the classic SketchUp Pro license model, like access to the premium web modeler, unlimited cloud storage and collaboration in the cloud (Trimble Connect Business) and SketchUp Viewer apps for mobile, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

What happens when my subscription ends?
When a subscription ends, you will no longer have access to the premium features of SketchUp Pro / Studio, like the desktop applications, Sefaira, etc. You can still open your models in the SketchUp Free web version, although that's not allowed for commercial use. You will still have access to the SketchUp Mobile Viewer, but the Augmented Reality feature will be disabled.

Are there any options for floating use of subscriptions?
No, not yet. Subscriptions are for personal use though a Trimble ID.

I can’t use SketchUp 2019. Can I purchase a subscription to use with an older version?
No, subscriptions are only available with SketchUp 2019. For all previous versions a user can purchase a perpetual license.

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