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Stylebuilder: Sets Pane

The Sets Pane contains all of the strokes that will be contained in your saved style. By default the Sets pane has five empty sets of strokes, 32, 64, 128, 256, and 512 pixel in length. There are empty gray boxes in the Sets Pane to accept new strokes. You populate the Sets Pane by either loading a Template, using File > Load Template or by loading Strokes using the menu items in the Strokes menu and dragging and dropping those strokes into the Sets Pane.

Note - Strokes loaded using the File > Load Template menu item will automatically populate the Sets Pane. Strokes loaded using menu items in the Strokes menu will populate the Strokes tab and must be dragged and dropped into the Sets Pane.


Click on the plus button next to the Lengths field to display a list of common stroke set sizes. Select a stroke length to add to the style, or click on the Other option and enter a custom stroke length.


Select the number of strokes per set from the Strokes drop-down list. The greater the number of strokes per set, the more hand drawn your model will appear.


Click on width drop-down list to change the width of all of the strokes. Select a stroke width from the drop-down list. Depending on the settings in the Preferences dialog box, a warning message will either appear or your strokes will automatically be resized to the new width. Refer to the Preferences Dialog Box for further information.


Click on the X (Image), next to any set, to remove the set.

Eraser Icon

Click on the eraser icon (Image) next to any stroke, to replace the stroke with an empty gray box.

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