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LayOut: How do I place a SketchUp model in LayOut?

To place a SketchUp model in a LayOut document:

  1. Open the "File" menu."
  2. Click "Insert."
  3. Browse to and select the SketchUp file.
  4. The SketchUp model is placed in a frame in your LayOut document.
  5. You can manipulate the frame in the same way as you would any other rectangle object in LayOut. You can:
    • Change its position in the document by clicking and dragging it.
    • Resize it by clicking and dragging its edges and corners.
    • Rotate it by clicking and dragging the compass.
    • Flip it by right-clicking it, pointing to "Flip," and then clicking "Top to Bottom or "Left to Right."
    • Arrange it in relation to other objects on the page by right-clicking it, pointing to "Arrange," and then clicking "Bring to Front," "Bring Forward," "Send Backward," or "Send to Back."
    • Move it to the current layer by right-clicking it, and then clicking "Move to Current Layer."

Once a SketchUp model is in a LayOut document, you can also change its view within the frame, as well as adjust a variety of its rendering options:

  • Right-click the model to:
    • Turn perspective on or off.
    • Change the scale. Point to "Scale, and then select any of a variety of standard scales (selecting a standard scale automatically turns off perspective mode).
    • Select standard views.
    • Turn shadows and X-ray mode on or off.
    • Access additional rendering options, such as:
      • WireFrame, Hidden Line, Shaded, Shaded with Textures, and Monochrome.
      • Edges effects: Profile, Depth Cued, Extend, Endpoints, and Jitter.
      • Sky and ground.
      • Turn text and construction geometry on or off.
  • Right-click the model, and then click "Edit 3D View." While you're in Edit 3D View mode, you can:
    • Use your mouse to rotate, pan, and zoom the model, just as you would in SketchUp.
    • Right-click the model to access all of the same options that are available when you right-click the model in regular mode, as well as to:
      • Select additional view tools, such as Look Around, Walk, and Zoom Window.
      • Select scenes (formerly called pages).

When you have the SketchUp model frame selected or are in Edit 3D View mode, you can also make display, shadow, and view changes to model using the SketchUp Model Inspector, which adds some additional options that aren't available via the right-click menus. To access the inspector:

  1. Open the "Window" menu.
  2. Click "SketchUp Model.
  3. For more information about using the inspector, see the LayOut user guide.

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