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LayOut: How can I best learn how to use it?


LayOut is dealt with in all of our SketchUp training sessions. For learning LayOut the correct and the fast way, we recommend following a training.


To get started fast, view the video tutorials. In LayOut open the "Help" menu, and then click "View Tutorials."

The Instructor

To find out what all the tools do, click each tool's button. Information about the selected tool is displayed in the Instructor. If you don't see the Instructor, open the "Window" menu, and then click "Instructor."

LayOut Help

To learn more about how to use LayOut, including all of its tools and other functionality, read the user's guide: open the "Help" menu, and then click "LayOut Help."

SketchUp Help Center

You can find answers to many questions in this SketchUp Help Center. Just search on a common term or phrase in your question, or browse through the LayOut categories.

SketchUp Pro Forum

The forum is an excellent place to find answers, ask questions, and share your expertise. Click here to visit the forum.

Play and explore!

Most importantly, play and explore! Right-click a lot, you'll often discover a shortcut menu full of actions related to the tool you're using and the thing you're pointing at.

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