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Authorize SketchUp with a single-user license

You need to have Internet access to authorize SketchUp Pro 2015. For you techie types, when you authorize SketchUp Pro, SketchUp communicates with the authorization server via the standard ports 80 and 443. If you have a Proxy or Firewall in place, please allow SketchUp Pro to communicate on those ports to the *.sketchup.com domain.
  1. If you haven't downloaded and installed SketchUp, please do so.
  2. Open SketchUp 2015.
  3. Windows: If you run into any trouble during activation of your license, close SketchUp, Right-click on the SketchUp 2015 icon on the Desktop and select Run as Administrator.
  4. On the “Welcome to SketchUp” dialog, click the Add License button at the top of the dialog.
    Windows: If you don’t see the “Welcome to SketchUp” dialog, select Help > License
    Mac: If you don’t see the “Welcome to SketchUp” dialog, select SketchUp > License...
  5. Open the license confirmation email that you received shortly after purchasing your license.
  6. Copy and paste your Serial Number and Authorization Code into the dialog box.
  7. Click Add License. This will download a license file from the cloud to your computer.

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