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File locked by another user

We have found a bug that has a workaround. The "file (...) is currently locked by another user" message seen when the preview pane in windows explorer is open and the file is opened by double clicking. Some people get a "read only" version when opening.

Error message.

To see the issue, you need to have the Preview pane open (which is turned off by default - which is a good thing - on Win 7, Win 8 and Win 10), Windows Explorer needs to be set to a thumbnail view, the model needs to have a thumbnail and the user needs to double click on the model to open it. Therefore, please make sure the preview plane is unchecked or closed as Step #1 of the workaround. See below.

Workarounds include Step #1 turning off the Preview pane, Step #2 setting Explorer to use a non-thumbnail view (see below), Step #3 closing the model and double clicking on it a second time or opening models via File > Open.

If you see the issue, close the model and then double click on the model again. When the issue does occur, the user can open the model, but it truly will be opened with a read only status. Save under a different name to not lose any work.

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