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FAQ SharkCAD Pro 11 upgrade

These constraints aren't new?
That's right, a few versions ago it was already available but it didn't work properly. It has now been returned improved.

Do the Constraints also work in 3D?
No, only in one workplane. You can use the Feature Tree for 3D relations (not constraints).

I would like to upgrade, should I delete my old version now?
No, you just install v11 next to v10.

I have a new machine, can I install version 11 and an older version on it?
Yes, this is possible as long as you still have activations of your older license (3).

I also have PowerPack in SharkCAD (Pro), can I upgrade it too?
PowerPack is now integrated with SharkCAD 11. You can upgrade PowerPack Pro, ask us about the possibilities.

Can I also upgrade from e.g. ViaCAD to SharkCAD (Pro), or from SharkCAD to SharkCAD Pro?
Certainly, as an existing customer you will receive high discounts. Click here for the upgrade possibilities and prices.

I have SharkCAD running on Windows, can I upgrade directly to a Mac version?
Yes, because you can activate SharkCAD on both Mac and Windows.

Which version of AutoCAD is supported by SharkCAD 11?
AutoCAD 2018 and earlier.

Which version of AutoCAD is supported by SharkCAD 11?
SketchUp version 2019 and earlier.

I have an older machine, is SharkCAD 11 running on it?
You can view the system requirements and of course you can download the trial version to try it for yourself.

The sizes are in Inches, can I also work in mm?
Sure! You can do that at File > Preferences > Units.

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