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Kubity is the first mixed reality platform for SketchUp Pro! Virtual and Augmented Reality combined in one user-friendly and affordable application. With Kubity you can share your 3D models easily with your customers. The principle of Kubity is simple: with the special web exporter you can easily share your SketchUp models with the Kubity Go app on your smartphone. From there you can share your 3D model via email, WhatsApp, SMS, QR code or Airdrop with your customers and view the model in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or Mirror mode with the Kubity Go App.

Product Info


SketchUp Extension
Suitable for
Interior Rendering, Exterior Rendering
Direct End Result
Ease of Use
GPU (video card)
Clay Rendering, Sketch Rendering
Final Result
Extra Output
Camera Animation, Panorama, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality
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