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KeyShot is a standalone 3D rendering and animation system for 3D data. It has been designed to take the complexity out of rendering realistic images. KeyShot is used by designers, engineers and CG professionals worldwide to quickly and easily create realistic images and animations of their 3D models.



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Everything inside KeyShot happens in realtime. KeyShot uses unique rendering technology which makes it possible to see all changes to materials, lighting, and cameras instantly.


You don’t have to be a rendering expert to create photorealistic images of your 3D model. Simply import your data, assign materials by dragging and dropping them onto the model, adjust the lighting, and move the camera, Done.


KeyShot is built on a physically correct render engine based on research in the areas of scientifically accurate material representation and global illumination. Your scenes will really come to life because of this!


KeyShot is equipped with the following functionalities to offer you the highest level of rendering.



System Requirements



  • Windows 8 to 10 - 64 Bit

System requirements:

  • Intel Core 2 processor or higher
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Video card 2+ GB 100% OpenGL 2.x*
  • 3-button mouse with scroll function

Video card

* If you are looking for a new system or upgrade, please pay extra attention to the video card. We do recommend video cards with a nVidia Quadro or GTX chip. These cards support OpenGL very well and have qualitative drivers.



  • macOS 10.13 - 10.15

System requirements:

  • Intel Core 2 Duo processor or higher
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Video card 2+ GB 100% OpenGL 2.x*
  • 3-button mouse with scroll function

Video card

* If you are looking for a new system or upgrade, please pay extra attention to the video card. For Apple we recommend video cards compatible with a recent version of OpenGL. Integrated chip sets are not supported.



At this moment, there is no Linux version of KeyShot available



All mentioned prices are per license / seat and excl. VAT!



KeyShot HD
• Annual Maintenance (optional)

KeyShot Pro
• Annual Maintenance (optional)

KeyShot Enterprise *
• Annual Maintenance (optional)

KeyShotWeb Add-On


€ 849,-
€ 189,-

€ 1695,-
€ 379,-





€ 2549,-
€ 569,-

€ 3395,-
€ 749,-


* KeyShot Enterprise includes Pro Floating, Animation, KeyShotXR, the NX Plugin and 32-Core Network Rendering (1-year)

Network Rendering (1 Year)

KeyShot History

New in KeyShot 9 (November 2019)
KeyShot 9
  • GPU mode
    KeyShot 9 introduces the ability to utilize the full GPU power of NVIDIA RTX with OptiX. This means that if you have the right hardware, you can render lightning fast.

  • Denoise
    Eliminate noise in a rendering with just one click, significantly reducing rendering times.

  • RealCloth
    All-new way to create and control woven materials (with fibres!), bringing them even closer to reality than any scanned material definition.

  • Web Configurator
    The KeyShot Configurator has been moved to the browser so that people all over the world can evaluate product variants.

  • 3D Model Library
    New Model Library for adding 3D models with complete materials and textures to a scene. All 3D models are easily accessible via KeyShot Cloud and can be searched, filtered and added to any scene with a simple drag&drop.

New in KeyShot 8 (October 2018)
New in KeyShot 7 (August 2017)
New in KeyShot 6 (November 2015)
New in KeyShot 5 (June 2014)


User cases, video's, manuals, tutorials and more. Everything you need to get you started with KeyShot.


See below the various applications and examples of KeyShot in practice.

User Case: SRAM

User Case: SRAM


The newest KeyShot video tutorials to get you started.

Custom Metallic Flakes

Camera and Environment Studios

Custom Startup Scene


In case you have missed it - watch the recordings of the KeyShot webinars here:

What's New in KeyShot 8

Rendering Start to Finish

Material and Render Settings

KeyShot Viewer

Lighting and Environments

Work Faster


Powerful render farm capabilities to KeyShot users around the world.

KeyShot Farms offers powerful render farm capabilities to KeyShot users. Each shared and dedicated render farm is built exclusively for rendering KeyShot scenes.

Unlike other rendering services, your project has full use of the render farm. By running only one project at a time with 100% of all computer power utilized, your KeyShot visuals finish much faster than rendering on your own hardware and allows you to focus on your other projects. Additionally, all farm servers are operated securely onsite – no third-party cloud services, such as AWS or Azure, are used.


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