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Altair Inspire Render is the 3D rendering and animation powerhouse for innovative designers and digital artists to produce stunning product presentations faster than ever before.

Quickly create, modify, drag-n-drop a variety of materials, add lighting environments to generate images and animations in real-time with the built-in high-quality, physically-based global illumination rendering engine. All in a slick and efficient user experience that fulfills the needs of novice and expert users alike.



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With Altair Inspire Render you have the choice to render with different rendering engines. This allows you to quickly generate a presentable concept image, but also to render a stunning, realistic rendering with a little more time.


Use the intuitive material system setup, with physically based material primitives and Advanced Layering System, to create the most realistic and convincing renders with accurate lighting.

Easy to Use

Inspire Render's workspace is the most natural and immersive environment to bring ideas to life, without fiddling with panels and parameters.


Inspire Render is equipped with the following functionalities to offer you the highest level of rendering.

Inspire Render


System Requirements



  • Windows 7 to 10 - 64 Bit

System Requirements:

  • Intel SSE3 CPU processor or higher
  • 8 GB RAM
  • nVidia CUDA or AMD Graphics Card (OpenCL)
  • 3-button mouse with scroll function



  • macOS 10.13 - 10.15

System Requirements:

  • Intel SSE3 CPU processor or higher
  • 8 GB RAM
  • AMD Graphics Card (OpenCL)
  • 3-button mouse with scroll function


At this moment, there is no Linux version of Inspire Render available



Commercial Licenses

You don't buy a user license for Altair Inspire Render, but you can open the software if you own the right amount of Altair Units.

Product Type
Altair Inspire Render

Number of Units
2 Industrial Design Units

Total Price
€ 180,- excl. BTW per year 1

1 - Incl. access to the latest versions and technical support.

Educational Licenses

Altair Units

You do not buy a user license for Altair Inspire Render, but you can open the software if you have the right amount of Altair Units. Altair Units can be leased per year and the great thing is that with the right amount of Units you can also open other Altair Inspire titles. This means that you do not need to have a separate user licenses for all software titles, but you buy a number of Units that suits your wishes and needs in terms of software functionality and use.

The Altair Units can be freely distributed within your organization. This allows you to give everyone access to the software you want. This makes Altair Units the most flexible software licensing model available!


Inspire Render History

New in Inspire Render 2020 (August 2020)

Inspire Render version 2020 includes the following new features and enhancements:

  • Improved construction history robustness
  • Added Python scripting
  • Updated I/O libraries
  • Added drag & drop in the Model Browser
  • Improved construction history recalculation while in isolate mode
  • Added option to show only broken objects in the Browser
  • Added file drag/drop support
  • Added option for Block Groups and Unblock Groups
  • Improved management of groups
  • Rendering now starts in Real-time rendering once scene is loaded
  • Added option for both Fast and Accurate Real-time rendering
  • Various bug fixes and improvements


User cases, video's, manuals, tutorials and more. Everything you need to get you started with Inspire Render.


The latest video tutorials to get you started with Inspire Render.



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