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How do I add a style to the style manager?

Change your settings ready to paint, then use new style.

First change the settings to the style you want e.g. select a brush shape, choose a cutout, select a texture...

Choose New Style by pressing Control+N (or Style->New menu on Mac). If it says that all your style libraries are read-only, create a new one using Library->New->Style Library on the Style Manager's menu (Style->Library->New menu on Mac).

Type a name for the style and add a description if required. Clear any fields you don't want the style to affect; for example, if you want to keep your current colour when you apply this style, clear the Colour field. For texture styles, you often want to clear everything except the Texture field.

Finally, click OK. To apply the style later, double-click the image in the Style Manager then start painting!

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