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How do I make a library of styles from my raster files?

The style library builder creates a style library from a folder of your raster files.

Use the Style Library Builder to create a style library from a folder of raster files. This can be found on the Library/New/Style Library Builder menu on the Style Manager (or the Style/Library menu on Mac).

Choose a style type (texture, cutout, grain or brush) and browse for the folder of your raster files. Follow the prompts and finally choose a filename for the new style library, and a name for it.

The Style Library Builder then scans the folder and creates a style library with a style for each raster file. Styles are created in categories matching the folder hierarchy.

You may need to update the settings of individual styles afterwards e.g. if the files are cutouts with different real-world sizes. To do this, double-click on a style, change the relevant settings, then click New Style (control-N on Windows) and click OK to overwrite the style.

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