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Altair One and Altair Units officially launched

Altair One and Altair Units officially launched

Altair has announced that the Connect and solidThinking portals have been migrated to Altair One, and will now be accessed through the Altair One single sign-on experience. Together with the release of Altair One, a new Units system has been released.

Altair One

Altair One is the new all-in-one marketplace for all the Altair and solidThinking products. In addition to the same functionality people are used from the Connect and solidThinking portals, users will have access to many other resources through Altair One, including:
  • A vast software marketplace featuring tools from Altair and beyond
  • Support resources
  • Account information including user details, hosted Altair Units and more
  • Your software downloads

Altair Units

One license model for all the Altair titles available! You can lease Altair Units per year and you choose a number Units to start any product you want for which you have enough Units. Altair offers the software in various Suites, in order to offer an appropriate price/quality ratio to the desired user. We offer:
  • Industrial Designer (ID) Suite - € 90,- per Unit per year
  • Mechanical Designer (MD) Suite - € 180,- per Unit per year
  • Concept Engineer (CE) Suite - € 350,- per Unit per year

Units from a higher category are compatible with products from a lower category, so e.g. CE Units work with products from the MD and ID Suites. Vice versa this is not possible, so ID Units cannot be used for MD or CE Suite products.

Click to see how many Units you need per software title

Altair Units can be freely distributed within your organization. This way, you can grant access to the software to anyone in your organization. This makes Altair Units the most flexible software licensing model that exists today.

Read more about Altair Units or see the Altair Units FAQ session for more information.

Altair One for existing users

If you are an active account holder, you should have received an email from Altair One (no-reply [at] altairone.com) with a link to activate your Altair One account. Please activate within 90 days of receiving that email. With an active Altair account you could access functionality previously available through Connect and solidThinking. Please check if you have received this email (check your SPAM as well).

Altair One is accessible through https://altairone.com/Dashboard/. If you are facing difficulties logging in or didn't receive the activation email, please full in your credentials at https://altairone.com/login/help.

Try & Buy

Please contact us to request a free test license for the Altair Inspire software titles.

If you are convinced of the possibilities of Inspire, you can buy Altair Units here or contact us for the possibilities.

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