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SharkCAD and ViaCAD version 12 available!

SharkCAD and ViaCAD version 12 available!

SharkCAD and ViaCAD version 12 are officially available as of today and are now even more powerful to realize any desired design. From product design to architecture and from mechanical design to electrical schematics - all you need is an idea.

New Features

Powerpack included in SharkCAD (Pro)
The populaire PowerPack 3D printing add-on is now included in SharkCAD and SharkCAD Pro. This gives you access to a collection of 70+ new tools, such as repair tools (e.g. holes in the model), modelling tools (e.g. supports) and general utilities that increase your productivity and make your designs suitable for 3D printing.

Mesh Booleans
With mesh booleans, you can now add/remove 3D geometry imported from e.g a scan in STL, OBJ, 3DS, and SketchUp file format to your solid geometry. Highlights of the Mesh Boolean Command: Add Material, Subtract Material and Intersect Material

Wrap (Imprint, Emboss, Engrave)
The new Wrap tool maps text or planar surfaces onto a 3D solid model. The results are perfect for imprinting, embossing, or engraving 2D shapes onto 3D surfaces i.e.

Save Layers with View
The Save Layers with View tool tool now includes an option to save layers associated with view orientations. Save View, Use the View and Restore View.

Import PDF & AI (Adobe Illustrator)
Importing PDF and Adobe Illustrator files is now possible using the File Import tools. Support for reading native .AI files that are based on PDF.

Spotlight PhotoRender
This new visualization tool creates a soft shadow directly under a group of objects. This is an alternate to the default PhotoRendering method that uses a distant light offset.

Angular Tolerance Updates
The Angular Tolerance interface has been updated to dynamically provide input from the Inspector dialog box.

Show/Hide Face
It is now possible to hide a single surface of a closed solid so that you can better understand the construction of a 3D model.

Split Mesh
This tool will divide a mesh into two portions based on a cutting plane.Split Mesh is an ideal tool for those working with faceted data along with 3D printing manufacturing processes.

New & Improved Import / Export

  • Collada DAE
  • SketchUp 2019 SKP

Weight and Volume Tables
Whether you’re designing an aircraft, automobile, or picnic table, tracking the weight of materials is a key control parameter in design. V12 introduces a new Bill of Material (BOM) attribute specific for creating a summed weight table.

Request Trail License

ViaCAD and SharkCAD version 12 are available for download from our website:

Ask us for your temporary trial license and experience the extensive possibilities for yourself!


If you are convinced of the possibilities, you can purchase your (upgrade) license for ViaCAD or SharkCAD version 12 via our webshop:

Have Fun Designing!

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