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Altair Inspire 2019.4 officially available

Altair Inspire 2019.4 officially available

Design8 bv is excited to announce the official release of Altair Inspire 2019.4, the most user friendly topology optimisation software to generate and explore structurally efficient concepts in the earliest phases of the design process.

New Features

Inspire - General
  • Toolbelts
    Inspire now has four toolbelts for quick access to tools for geometry, structures, motion and PolyNURBS. All toolbelts are fully customizable.

  • Shortcuts for Quick Analysis and Force Explorer
    You can now run the function keys to run a structural analysis (F8) or motion analysis (F9) or open the Force Explorer (F10).

  • Download Offline Help
    You can now download and install an offline help package from within the product.

Inspire - Structures

  • SimSolid Analysis
    You can now use SimSolid as your solver when running a structural analysis in Inspire. This gives you the ability to edit geometry as well as yielding significantly faster results when running an analysis in Inspire.

  • Cylindrical Coordinate Systems
    You can now create cylindrical coordinate systems from the Systems tool microdialog.
  • Displacement Component Results in Local Systems
    Displacement components can now be reviewed in local systems using the Animation toolbar.
  • Pressure Mapping
    It is now possible to apply a non-uniform distributed pressure using an option in the Pressure tool’s microdialog.

Inspire - Motion

  • Plot Manager for Motion
    Manually browse and plot motion results data, create cross plots (i.e.,data vs. data), define pages in different layouts, and save the plots you've defined as a template for reuse.

  • Analytical Motion Contacts for Box Primitives
    If motion contact sets contain parts that are detected as box primitives, the solution between the box and other analytical shapes (sphere, cylinder, and frustum) will now be analytical rather than mesh-based. Using geometric primitives in these cases generally improves the efficiency of the solution.
  • Force Computation Option for Motion Contacts
    Motion contacts now have a Force Computed At option available from the guide bar options menu, microdialog, table, and property editor. The new Nodes option can be used to obtain more accurate contact normals for mesh-based contacts in certain applications, such as a sliding contact between a flat region on one part and a curved region on another.
  • Plots of Jerk and Angular Jerk
    Jerk and Angular Jerkplot components are now available in the plot context menu for actuator and motor, respectively. They can be used to measure the derivative of acceleration during transient motion analysis.

  • Export Data at Output Steps Only
    When exporting CSV files from a model that includes motion contacts, there is now an additional option in the context menu that allows you to export only the output steps.
  • Write a.h3d Output File from MotionSolve
    You now have the option to select Generate Animation File in the Advanced section of the Run Motion Analysis window. When enabled, MotionSolve will write a run.h3d file to the run history folder at the end of a successful motion analysis. This file can be used to playback the animation in HyperWorks(via HyperView) or using the stand-alone HyperView Player.

Inspire - Print3D

  • Min Undercut tool
    This new tool orients the part to minimize the supports needed for 3D printing. It analyzes possible orientations and selects the one that minimizes the total area of the undercut surfaces.


Users of the Altair Inspire Platform can download Inspire 2019.4 here and access the software for 15 solidThinking Units.

Try & Buy

Click here to download Inspire 2019.4 and request a free test license through this form.

If you are convinced of the possibilities of Inspire, you can buy solidThinking Units for access to the Altair Inspire Platform here or contact us for the possibilities.

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