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Epic Games brengt Twinmotion 2020 uit

Epic Games releases Twinmotion 2020

Design8 bv is pleased to present you the very first new version of Twinmotion under the flag of Epic Games! Twinmotion 2020 comes with several fantastic new features and is available at a very competitive price, so it shouldn't be missing in any visualization toolbox!

Twinmotion 2020 - What's New?

  • Volumetric Light - Atmospheric lighting effects such as fog and smoke
  • Screen Space Global Illumination - Create the effect of natural looking indirect lighting
  • Sky Atmosphere - Physically based sky and atmosphere rendering
  • Cinematic Depth of Field - Enhanced dof effect that matches real-world cameras
  • Area Lights - A new light source to illuminate large areas
  • Enhanced Emissive Material - Neon and other glowing objects now emit real light>
  • Twinmotion Presenter - Let clients explore your project in a standalone viewer
  • X-Ray Material - Visualize where pipes and vents are going through walls
  • Note Tool & BCF Export - Add notes and export them back to your BIM software in BCF format
  • Vegetation Growth - Visualize the growth of vegetation over many years
  • New Vegetation Scattering Tool - Quickly and easily apply vegetation across a large area
  • New Highly Detailed Vegetation - Trees that come in three ages and four seasons, and photoscanned bushes
  • Enhanced Grass Customization - Change the color, height, or dryness of grass
  • Enhanced Vegetation Paint Tool - Thicken or thin vegetation to get the look you want
  • Rhino Direct Link - Synchronize your CAD data from Rhino in one click
  • Video Materials - Import video as a material to simulate animated features
  • New Photoscanned Characters - New high-quality photo-scanned 3D characters with motion-captured animation

Competitive introduction price until August 31, 2020!

Twinmotion 2020 is available for download, so you can test it first for your non-commercial projects.

Satisfied? You buy a full license of Twinmotion 2020 for only € 199,- excl. VAT until August 31, 2020 (normally € 399 excl. VAT)!

Free upgrade for Twinmotion 2019 users!

Users who have downloaded a version of Twinmotion 2019 through Epic Games are entitled to a free upgrade to version 2020. This version and all subsequent releases until December 31, 2021 will be added to your Epic Games account free of charge and therefore immediately available via the Epic Games Launcher.

Happy Animating!

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