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Hello new Kubity - Bye bye plugin!

Hello new Kubity - Bye bye plugin!

Mixed Reality applicaton Kubity Pro is now available as a web application.

Bye bye plugin! Kubity Pro continues as a web application. From now on the user can login at app.kubity.com and upload his SketchUp model to Kubity's servers via drag&drop. Then the 3D model will be almost immediately available in the model library and can be shared via web and the Kubity Go app. In the app or the web, the user as well as the customer can view the 3D model in photorealistic Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Screen Mirroring!

An additional advantage of the web application is that the user always has access to the latest techniques of Kubity and therefore no longer needs to perform frequent product updates.

New pricing model

Licenses for Kubity can be purchased per year. Previously only a license for an unlimited number of exports was available, but now there are also smaller packages available at a more attractive price:
  • Unlimited exports: € 399,- excl. BTW per year
  • Max. 200 exports: € 99,- excl. BTW per year
  • Max. 50 exports: € 49,- excl. BTW per year

Kubity Pro licenses are available through our official channel of resellers. They will be happy to assist you with the sales and support of the software.

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