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SketchUp has turned 20!

SketchUp has turned 20!

The immense popular 3D design application SketchUp has turned 20 and we must say: 'Turning 20 never looked so good!'

How SketchUp became one of the most versatile 3D applications available

  • 1999 - Architectural Engineer Brad Schell approached software developer Joe Esch with his ideas for a progressive 3D modeling software. At that time CAD software was hard to learn, but the need was clear to make 3D modeling accessible for everyone. Fortunately Esch was looking for a new business idea, so the development of eSketch (the foundation of SketchUp) began!
  • August 24, 2000 - @Last Software launched the first version of SketchUp and it was directly named one of the best new product at the A/E/C Systems Fall Show. SketchUp continued growing and the diversity of people using the software was impressive: architecture, interior design, game development, film and stage, GIS, construction, landscaping, mechanical design - everybody who had the need to draw in 3D started using SketchUp!
  • April 2006 - Google acquired @last Software which immediately increased the reach and resources of the SketchUp product. With SketchUp versions 6, 7 and 8, SketchUp received lots of updates including geo-location modeling integration with Google Earth, the 3D Warehouse and LayOut!
  • 2012 - Trimble Navigation (now Trimble Inc.) acquired SketchUp! The role was clear for SketchUp: Be the office to field modeling solution to serve the entire building life cycle. That is why the software's capabilities have been extended immensely, including the Extension Warehouse, the acquisition of Sefaira for energy modeling and daylight analysis, integration with Trimble Connect, SketchUp Web accessible on a browser and SketchUp Viewer for desktop, mobile, virtual reality and augmented reality!

And now, here we are in 2020! SketchUp is still going strong with the latest release, including PreDesign to properly factor climate insights into initial concepts. As you can read above, SketchUp had so many nice chapters in it's life and we are proud to be part of that since the early days! One thing remains the same: the spirit of creation and inspiration among the community. It is still the best 3D modeling solution for many of our customers divided of several industries and therefore it is still 3D for everyone!.

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