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V-Ray 5 for Rhino

V-Ray 5 for Rhino available!

Design8 is excited to introduce V-Ray 5 for Rhino! With real-time visualization, smart exposure functions and direct post-processing V-Ray 5 for Rhino ensures that you can actually create your best render immediately!

What's New - V-Ray 5 for Rhino

  • V-Ray Vision
    A real-time revelation for anyone working in Rhino or Grasshopper. Now, you can explore a real-time view of your scene as you set up lights and cameras, and apply materials. V-Ray Vision enables you to speed up decision making and iterations by giving you the ability to:
    • Explore your model
    • Collaborate on design decisions
    • Easily save images and 360 panoramas
    • Export real-time animations
  • Light Gen Tool
    Setup the lighting in your scene by choosing an automatically generated thumbnail in a number of environment lighting scenarios. Choose your favorite look and you’re ready to go!
  • Light Mix
    Once your render is finished, you can interactively adjust the brightness and color of any light without having to render again.
  • New layered V-Ray material
    The V-Ray Material now includes built-in Coat and Sheen layers. Coat makes it easy to create materials with reflective coatings like varnished wood, and Sheen makes it easy to create fabrics like silk, satin, and velvet.
  • Updated Material Library
    You can download & use a vast array of high-resolution 4K textures from V-Ray’s library on demand. You can easily browse, test and employ hundreds of render-ready materials.
  • Post-Processing directly in V-Ray
    A new V-Ray Frame Buffer with built-in compositing, so you can make color corrections, combine render elements and save them as presets to be used in future—all without needing another app.
  • V-Ray for Grasshopper improvements
    There are a handful of new additions to V-Ray for Grasshopper. Through a V-Ray Vision Live Link component in Grasshopper, design work can be visualized in real-time. With V-Ray Clipper quick cutaways and section renders can easily be created. And the addition of the Stereo Camera effect gives more creative freedom when presenting the final renders.
  • Improved Sun and Sky model
    Render great looking sunrises and sunsets, even when the sun is below the horizon. Plus, the orientation of the sun can now be controlled directly from V-Ray for creative effect.
  • VRayUVWRandomizer
    An irritating and apparent repeating texture is no longer visible thanks to this tool that randomizes texture coordinates and includes Stochastic Tiling.
  • Improved contour rendering
    The global Contours control gives you more control over linework, making it easier than ever to give your renders an illustrative look. Nice to have now that Penguin is discontinued!
  • Dirt and weathering
    All that glitters is not gold… Give your Rhino models a weathered look with the improved V-Ray Dirt texture. Add dirt and streaks anywhere—in corners or across entire surfaces.
  • Optimized V-Ray Core
    V-Ray 5 offers a faster and more stable rendering experience with an optimized V-Ray Core and improved V-Ray GPU.
  • New software architecture
    Much faster scene loading and scene export thanks to the newly refactored V-Ray backend.
  • New documented API
    For developers looking to create and connect tools with V-Ray for Rhino, Chaos Group has added a new fully documented API to make it as easy as possible.


Click here to go to the download section of V-Ray for Rhino, request your 30-day trial and be amazed by the endless possibilities!

Purchase / Upgrade

If you have become convinced of the possibilities of V-Ray 5 for Rhino after or during your trial period, please contact one of our dedicated resellers for the possibilities:
  • Free upgrade for rental licenses and recently purchased licenses
    If you have bought V-Ray Next for Rhino on September 14, 2020 or later, you are entitled to a free upgrade. You can download the most recent version at your personal account at www.chaosgroup.com. Your license will become active in your account automatically. Attention: in case your purchase was an upgrade, you will not receive v5 for free. In that case you need to upgrade again (see option 'Paid upgrade' below).
    If you have a valid rental license, you are also entitled to a free upgrade. You can also download the latest version from your personal page at www.chaosgroup.com. Your license will automatically appear in your account and you can get started right away!
  • Paid upgrade for V-Ray Next for Rhino (perpetual)
    You can purchase an upgrade of your current perpetual license for V-Ray Next for Rhino through the reseller.
  • New license for new users
    Not yet using V-Ray for Rhino and you would like to do so? Then you can purchase a new license for an indefinite period of time or for a shorter period of time (1 year or even a month).

To make use of one of the above options, please contact one of our dedicated resellers. They are happy to be at your service!

Happy Rendering!

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