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How can I activate a KeyServer license?

To activate a KeyServer license for Artlantis, you have to reach some simple conditions:

  • One single network with attached PC and/or Mac workstations (notice: no sub network!)
  • A specific KeyServer license
  • The Artlantis KeyServer application must be installed in the Artlantis directory (Programs > Artlantis)

After that you can walk through the following steps to activate your KeyServer license:

Step 1: activating the network license

  • Select a computer in your LAN that will work as the license server, that can be any computer in your network
  • Make sure that this compuer is connected to the internet
  • Go to Programs > Artlantis and launch the Artlantis KeyServer application
  • Click on 'Edit License'
  • Submit your license code and you will get the message that the activation has been succesfully completed

Step 2: activating Artlantis on the other workstations

  • Make sure that the Artlantis KeyServer application is launched on the server
  • Open Artlantis on the other workstation
  • Click on 'Check Network' to search for an available activation
  • If there is one, Artlantis will run immediately

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