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Access to all products within the Altair Inspire Platform

Altair Units is a revolutionary license model replacing the traditional way of licensing software.

Normally you’d choose a software title for which you’d purchase a license. With Altair Units, you choose a number Units to start any product you want for which you have enough Units.

You lease Altair Units per year.

Altair Units can be freely distributed within your organization. This way, you can grant access to the software to anyone in your organization. This makes Altair Units the most flexible software licensing model that exists today.



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Explanation License Model

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Altair Units Advantages

Altair Units Advantages

• You have access to all Altair products (with sufficient amount of Units)

 • You no longer have to choose a specific software title

 • Anyone in your organization can be given access to the software

 • Cheaper than purchasing separate licenses

Maximum vs. Stacking

Maximum vs. Stacking

The number of Altair Units you have has a maximum, but they do not stack. You can therefore start all products you want on your machine as long as the individual products do not require more than the number of Units that are available. For example: Suppose you have 15 Units available. You can then start a product that requires 15 Units and at the same time a product that requires 5 Units. Because those 5 Units do not exceed 15. So you actually have software in use worth 20 Units...

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