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User Case: A Working Bench for Kids

Modeling software used: Altair Inspire Studio
© 2021 - Gunther Andree

This project is something I made (with Altair Inspire Studio). It is a children's workshop desk. It contains the holes to hold tools for working on this bench and a table top with a measuring line. All the parts have been CNC-machined out of one large board. I usually duplicate my designed parts and then allocate the parts on the board for cutting or milling.

The work bench for kids, designed in no time in Altair Inspire Studio. Visualized using the integrated Thea Render engine.


Replicate Tool

The replicate tool allows for creation of patterns which can be easily modified afterwards, changing the design intent.


Detail of the workbench: cutouts have been used to create the holes that hold tools, as well as the dimensions scale.


Design Tables

By adding variables to a Design Table, the design appearance can be easily changed by anyone, without having the need to dive into features in the construction history.

CNC Milling

The design parts are cloned to arrange them on the base sheet for CNC milling.


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